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7 days to rethink centuries old watchmaking

Photo de Dominique Renaud et Julien Tixier devant un lac dans la vallée de Joux


the birth of a brand

Montre Monday en closeup

Two pioneering, visionary watchmakers

Dominique Renaud

Dominique Renaud's journey in watchmaking, a passion passed down through generations, took a landmark turn when he co-founded Renaud & Papi in 1986, becoming the first independent movement developer in the industry. Collaborating with the world's premier Maisons, he was the architect of numerous flagship creations. Throughout a career that spans over four decades, Renaud has proved a tireless inventor of calibers and complications, with 25 watch movements to his credit.

Photo de Dominique Renaud dans son atelier
Photo de Dominique et Julien devant un chalet au milieu d'une forêt enneigée
Photo de Julien Tixier dans son atelier

Julien Tixier

At only 31, Julien Tixier is already making his mark in the world of haute horlogerie, crafting monumental timepieces, notably alongside Sébastien Rousseau. His mastery of design, material craftsmanship, and precision machining reflects his relentless quest for artisanal perfection. Captivated by the launch of Dominique Renaud's extraordinary DR01 in 2016, Julien caught a glimpse of a boundless future for watchmaking.

Eight years later, the two creators seal their paths,

this is the birth of RENAUD TIXIER.

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